Commander Halvor

A strong, quick tempered man used to command.


Commander Halvor is an imposing figure, standing over 6ft tall and weighing nearly 16 stone. In his youth he was a fearsome fighter and quickly rose through the ranks of Stonebridge’s military.

Now in his early 50’s he maintains his fighter’s physique but spends more time behind a desk than he’d like.

He wears a suit of magical scale mail and carries his magical sword, Foebane, at all times.


Commander Halvor was born in Stonebridge and joined the army at a young age. He spent several years as a foot soldier before he was granted 2 years leave. He decided to learn to read and write and educated himself in history and strategy. When he rejoined the army he was determined to become an officer.

15 years later, when the current commander of the Stonebridge garrison was killed in the same attack that slew the prince Halvor was promoted to commander.

He is determined, if slightly unimaginative commander and has the total loyalty of his men. He has long sought to strike at Dreadlord rather than cowering behind Stonebridge’s walls.

Commander Halvor

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