A walking corpse dressed in a mage's robes.


Dreadlord is a lich, an undead spellcaster of terrible power. He stands about 7ft tall and wears a long purple robe covered in arcane and evil runes. He carries a tall staff which crackles with eldritch energy.

The only part of him which shows any ‘life’ are his violet eyes which flare or dim according to his emotions.


Rumours abound about Dreadlord’s origins. The most widely accepted is that he was a mage who lived in Stonebridge decades ago and attempted to seize power but failed. Stonebridge’s own histories do say that there was a failed coup attempt around 40 years ago but does not give any details as to the conspirators.

About 10 years ago, he attacked Stonebridge’s border posts at the head of a powerful force of undead and declared his intention to conquer and rule all of The North.

So far the men of Stonebridge’s army and the unwavering dedication of the Order of the Vigilant Blade have stopped him. But with the Order disorganised and discredited and winter fast approaching can he be stopped this time?


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