Prince Erland the Bard

A middle aged man aged by the worries of state.


Prince Erland is a healthy man in his late 30’s. He seems far older as he has had to rule Stonebridge through 10 years of war. Whilst he isn’t loved by his people, he is respected as a competent administrator.

In his early years he was a very capable bard but the cares of state leave him little time to enjoy music these days. As a result he is usually taciturn to the point of rudeness and has little time for any frivolity. He court, rather than being filled with pampered nobles is filled with no-nonsense soldiers and studious clerks. He is a very good manager and always keeps an eye on the wider picture, trusting those he appoints to deal with the fine details.


Prince Erland inherited the throne 10 years ago after a vampiric assassin slew his father, older brother and much of his family.

In his time as Prince he has wed and produced a pair of sons who are only 6 and 8 at the present. Erland knows that if he were to die now then the rulership of Stonebridge would pass into less capable hands. He is no coward but recognises that, for now, he is far too valuable to risk on a battlefield.

Erland has had a rocky relationship with the Order of the Vigilant Blade, he is untrusting of their independence but cannot argue with their results. During the height of Dreadlord’s attacks he funded a lot of the Order’s activities but, in recent months he has scaled back his funding to almost nothing. He secretly hopes that the Order will simply disband for good and leave the defence of Stonebridge to him and his soldiers.

Prince Erland the Bard

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