Goldhold is home to around 4,500 dwarves and ruled by a council of it’s six ruling houses.

Goldhold sits atop several extremely rich gold veins as well as an almost limitless supply of precious stones created by regular volcanic activity. The dwarves have harnessed this geothermal energy for heat and for their forges, channelling it away from their homes. Goldhold may be one of the wealthiest cities in all of Orithia.

For all this Goldhold is not a welcoming place. It’s ruling houses have largely forgotten dwarven traditional values in pursuit of greater and greater wealth. Rather than acquiring gold for trade or to improve the lives of their people the great houses craft exquisite golden jewellery to simply sit in gem encrusted golden chests.

The vast majority of Goldhome’s population are hardworking, industrious dwarves but their leaders greed has infected every aspect of society. They are even more suspicious and distrustful of outsiders than average dwarves and place more value on material goods than on family or honour.

Goldhome is a mostly secular society, the few priests of Moradin that remain act simply as quality control for the craftsmen. Dwarves who should be the repository of traditional dwarf lore and values have been relegated to little more than auditors.

A steady trickle of dwarves seeking a new life outside of their oppressive hold does find it’s way to Stonebridge but for the most part the dwarves of Goldhold are happy to ignore and be ignored by the wider world.


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