Northern Barbarians


The Northern tribes respect strength and strength alone. They live in a number of nomadic tribes ranging from hundreds to thousands of people. They follow a typical hunter-gatherer system, where the men are the warriors and the hunters and the women are caregivers and foragers. Women are placed far below men in this culture, but the best tribes respect them as a neccessary and important part of their way of life. The worst tribes treat their woman as little better than slaves.

Tribes are centred around a single ruling family. The eldest male has dominance for as long as he continues to bring the tribe respect. Most disputes within the tribe are settled by this tribe leader (Thane), and his judgements can involve duels, compensation or exile, which is often death. There is also often a Shaman and Head Warrior, who counsel the Tribe Leader on spiritual and combat matters respectively.

Unlike the northern tribes across the seas in Darkfell, the tribes of Dashar show a far greater inclination towards evil and veneration of demons. Some scholars have theorised that the veil between the material plane and the abyssal plane is very thin in the far north and much corrupting matter passes through. Whilst the tribes of Darkfell fear the winds that blow from here the tribes of Dasher embrace them. Tieflings and abyssal blooded sorcerers are very common and much revered. A tribe will almost always have at least one powerful arcane spellcaster and, overall, these tribesmen are unpredicatable and extremely powerful warriors.

Raids from the Far North are rare but greatly feared by the civilised humans of The North.

Northern Barbarians

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