Order of the Vigilant Blade


The Order of the Vigilant Blade was formed 10 years ago in response to the threat of the lich Dreadlord. Over the last decade they have been at the forefront of every major battle against Dreadlord’s minions and armies.

Eighteen months ago, Dreadlord led his forces into battle personally giving the Order a rare opportunity. Their leader, Thomas Falconsight, accompanied by several members of the Order, managed to infiltrate the undead horde’s lines and attack Dreadlord directly. Thomas was killed in that fight but Dreadlord was destroyed. Simultaneously, the rest of the Order, led by Ser Michael, paladin of Pelor and Havok, a sorcerer, attacked The Black Keep in search of the lich’s phalactery. Unfortunately they failed to locate it and Dreadlord’s remaining minions were able to escape the keep and flee into the Northern Wastes, Ser Michael gave chase in search of the phalactery but has not been seen since. With many of the Order’s senior members dead or missing the leadership of the Order was left empty.

Prince Erland the Bard, declaring that the undead wars were now over dramatically cut back funding for the Order and quietly started to reduce their role in Stonebridge‘s defences. Many of the remaining members left for their homes. Those members who stayed were forced to split up and find work where they could. The Order’s chapter house now stands empty most of the time with only the Order’s loyal butler Marius to keep it from becoming a home for transients…

Order of the Vigilant Blade

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