The Borderlands


A grim and forboding place North and East of modern Dashar, the population are descended from refugees from across Orithia fleeing the many wars of history and driven to this desolate wasteland. Much of the population are descended from Rosaian refugees fleeing the wars which devastated their homelands in the 14th and 15th centuries. Most of these refugees actually settled in Dashar but following the end of the wars a wave of anti-Rosaian sentiment swept through those nations not involved in the fighting. Dashar, fearing the large numbers of foreign humans living in their cities exlied any human who could not prove at least 2 generations of descendants in Dashar.

Rather than face the perilous oceans many of these exiled headed North and East, into Dashar’s wilderness. Much of this land was still uninhabitable following The Bone Wars and monstrous humanoid tribes and undead were a constant threat. Eventually a dozen settlements were founded in the ruins of ancient Dashar cities, these settlements, even in modern times, are heavily fortified and regularly suffer attacks.

The Borderlands are a dark and dangerous place, it’s inhabitants live hand to mouth, very aware that the next day could be their last. Monster attacks, abductions and roaming undead are all common and seem to delight in preying on humanity. Borderlanders are a dour, pessimistic people although possessed of a fierce pride that no matter how terrible their situation they will endure and survive as they have done so so many times before…

The Borderlands

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