Morganite Rockbottom

A rugged and good natured veteran of the Order, begrudgingly accepting of a more active role in the renewed war effort.


Patriarch of the Stonebridge branch of the Rockbottom clan of dwarves, Morganite serves a double purpose in the community. Simultaneously acting as liaison and diplomat for his people, chief mason for the Order of the Vigilant Blade and one of Stonebridge’s magical elite, Morganite is an individual defined by the responsibilities he bears.

Though not aggressively minded in the least, Morganite’s age allowed him to be present for recruitment immediately following the founding of the Order and while he didn’t share in the founders ‘gung-ho’ mindset, a strong sense of civic duty kept him from sticking his head in the mud. Born in Stonebridge, it’s the only home he has ever known and takes a mighty amount of pride in the work that the resources of the Order has allowed him to accomplish in defence of it.

His defensive mindset is likely all that saved him from suffering the same unknown fate as most of the order’s veterans. The arrogance of committing everything to a desperate attack when failure could mean a defenceless city rankled him so thoroughly he insisted on staying behind to ensure the defenders of the city would not slide into complacency and the walls into disrepair. While he stands by this decision long after the fact, there are days when left alone with his cup he’ll darkly wonder if he made the right choice in abandoning his compatriots for the greater good.

Since the borderline dissolution of the order, Morganite’s workload hasn’t lessened at all. Merely shifted from military fortification to making a healthy living indeed erecting and repairing properties across the city before retiring home to his wife and confidant, Agatha-Mae.

Morganite Rockbottom

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