Redlaff Orik

A lean looking man, scarred and rugged. He has clearly spent much time in the wilds.


A tall powerful man, who is always seen with a bow and axe, ready for the wild and dangerous places. He is covered in small bags and pouches filled with the bits and bobs needed for living in the wilderness. He also has many small metal flasks about his person, too small for drinking bottles, and covered in small insignia of goodly gods.
He talks little but is a kind and thoughtful man. He will do little without having carefully thinking it through. He has the favour of the Northern Tribesmen who have settled in Stonebridge, and they often ask him to speak for them in town meetings.


Not all tribesmen come down from the Northern Wastes to plunder and pilliage. Sone are just looking for warmer climates, a safer home and greener pastures. Redlaff’s tribe were one of these more peaceful nomads.
Redlaff was a young babe when his father, and the other warriors of his tribe went off to battle. Few returned, and with little hope of being able to defend themselves, Redlaff’s tribe went down south to escape the inevitable attacks from stronger tribes. They were fortunate that they found their way to Stonebridge, and that the town was willing to take them in. Since they were mostly women, children and elderly, the towns people saw little danger from them.
So Redlaff was able to grow up in the relative safety of the walled town, but surrounded by those who remember the wilds. He was told stories of the great warriors and heroes of the North. Redlaff was a warrior at heart, and his mother would often tell him that his father was as powerful a man as the tribe had ever seen. So Redlaff saw nothing better than to join the Order of the Vigilant Blade and help defend the town he calls home.
However, Redlaff’s heart was still wild, and so when calls for scouts were made he would always volunteer. He lived for the times when he could venture out beyond the town’s walls; to hunt, track and kill. He was skilled at tracking and killing the undead that plague the town, and soon had command of his own squad of scouts. He would be the eyes and ears of the town, warning them of coming attacks, uncovering their nests and striking at the heart of the hordes, to kill and distrupt their leaders.
Redlaff was out ranging when the Black Keep was attacked, and so was not killed with the others. While Prine Erland is working to reduce the numbers of the Order of the Vigilant, Redlaff keeps going with his calling. Often going out alone into the mountains and forests, convinced that he is still needed to keep the town safe. He reports in regularly, but his reports are used less and less as the town slowly begins to belive the undead threat is truely gone.

Redlaff Orik

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