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Dead of Winter is set in the northern reaches of The Borderlands, specifically in and around the town of Stonebridge. It follows the adventures of the Order of the Vigilant Blade in their campaign against the lich Dreadlord

This wiki provides additional background information on the surrounding region, the local culture and some of the interesting characters that players might encounter.

The North refers to a wide area, mostly consisting of mountains and coniferous forests. The largest settlement is the predominantly human town of Stonebridge although there is also a Dwarf hold, Goldhold located approximately 60 miles from Stonebridge.

A small number of tribesmen live in the forests and relations between them and the town dwelling humans are mostly peaceful.

The mountains are home to dozens of orc and goblinoid tribes, whilst they infest the caves and valleys in their thousands no single tribe has ever united them so these tribes have never presented a threat to Stonebridge itself. They remain a constant menace to travellers and isolated villages.

Further North the wilderness becomes completely untamed, the passes through the mountains are impassible for at least 3 months of the year even to experienced explorers. Tribes of warlike Northern Barbarians dwell in the far north who periodically head south to raid and pillage.

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